A New Way to Read eBooks : Introducing Overdrive READS

Hi all,

Overdrive, the company that provides our eBook and eAudiobook lending service through elibrarynj.org, has introduced a new way for you to read eBooks on your smartphones, computers and tablets. The service is called Overdrive READS and it allows you to checkout, download and read your books directly from an Internet browser on any device. What this means is no more Adobe Digital Editions, or apps, if you choose a “READS” compatible copy to download.

The READS copies can also be read offline in the browser by bookmarking the link after the book has been downloaded. It is a nice features to extend the ease and readability of eBooks and cut out some of the work that used to have to happen to make the eBooks ready for reading on the app, or through Adobe.

Check this out for more information about the READS initiative, and visit elibrarynj.org and try out a READS copy of a title for yourself today!

Note: It appears that the Overdrive READS service only seems to work with certain browsers. The service CANNOT be used with versions of Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. This could also affect its operability on mobile browsers as well. It does work properly with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can download either of these web browsers freely using the links provided. For mobile devices, you can download the Google Chrome browser free in the Apple app store, or Kindle/Nook stores. Standard Android tablets and phones already come installed with the Chrome browser (though I have not tested it on the mobile browser so cannot confirm it works on it).

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