Create you own recommended book display at the library!

As you may have noticed wandering around the adult section of the library recently, we have added book and sign display holders to book shelves. We are planning on using this area for a variety of display types (including a visiting art exhibit soon). One of the recurring displays we would like to do is picks from our staff and patrons. And that’s where you come in.

We would like to open up the suggestion display to you, our patrons. The way it would work is, you submit a list of 8 books you would recommend to your neighbors, friends (or even your enemies) and we’ll pull them from the shelves and display them on our new book displays. We will also print the list to be displayed with the books along with your name.

We want to know what you’ve read, and especially what you have read that is good. You can email the list of your 8 recommendations to, or just give us a call here at the library and read the list to us over the phone. Whatever you’reĀ  comfortable with. If you send it by email, just do not forget to include your name.

We will let you know when your list and books are ready and on display. You book recommendation display will remain for thirty days

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