Donations Needed!

Help support our recent puppy guests that are training for the very important job of becoming Seeing Eye Dogs for the Blind! The Seeing Eye organization could use donations of dog food, dog biscuits, Nylabones and old towels! (Please see the following list for specifics.) Bring to the library and leave on Mrs. Murphy’s desk in the box provided.

Following is a list of items that The Seeing Eye’s breeding station and kennel prefers to use.  We like items in the Nylabone collection because, in addition to giving the dogs something to chew on, they help clean their teeth.  Thank you for your support of The Seeing Eye.

Dog Food…

  • Purina Pro-Plan Focus Large Breed Puppy
  • Purina Pro-Plan Sport All Life Stages Active 26/16

Dog biscuits…

  • Iams small biscuits
  • Milkbone (regular flavor) small biscuits

From Nylabone’s DuraChew-Plus collection…

  • DuraChew Bone, souper size
  • DuraChew Bacon Hollow Stick, souper size
  • DuraChew Marrow Bone – souper size
  • DuraChew Barbell – monster size
  • DuraChew Hamsteak

From Nylabone’s BigChew collection…

  • BigChew Beef Bone
  • BigChews Knot
  • Galileo Bone, souper size

Nylabone Puppy

  • for hard chewers, variety of styles and shapes
  • no soft toys, rubber, or squeakies

Old Towels – should be bath towels or larger.

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