Find Morningstar’s Investment Data Online at Cranbury Public Library

Cranbury Public Library offers Morningstar Investment Research Center as a part of our reference collection. This Morningstar service is an ideal investing resource for every library patron.

With Morningstar Investment Research Center, Cranbury Public Library patrons have access to Morningstar’s proprietary data, including detailed analyst opinions on 1,700 stocks, 2,200 mutual funds, and 400 exchange traded funds.  In addition to stock and fund information,  patrons will gain a clear overview of index returns, sector returns, and fund category returns, along with the most active stocks throughout the day.

Morningstar Investment Research Center also offers customizable tools, such as Portfolio X-Ray, retirement and college savings calculators, and stock and fund screeners, so you can analyze your own finances.  If you need assistance on a certain topic, you can refer to the Help & Education tab on Morningstar Investment Research Center. Here, you will find tutorial videos, investment classrooms and quizzes, as well as investment guides.

So head to the library or connect remotely by clicking on the red Morningstar logo then entering your Cranbury Public Library card number.  Begin planning for your financial goals today!

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