Have you tried our Virtual Information Portal lately?

I was just doing some back end cleanup on our new website, testing some of our links, and revisited our virtual information portal (offered via Netvibes). As I was looking over this resource again, it reminded me of the great tools that are available to aggregate or gather multiple sources of information in one place. If you have never taken a look at our Virtual Information Portal, here are some reasons why you should.

1. You can see all the latest headlines from all the major news sources in one place, with one click access to those articles.

2. We have special business, travel and technology sections where you can receive up to the minute information from a variety of sources all on one specialized page.

3. We also have a page with a variety of casual and fun Internet games you can play!

4. You can also visit our Facebook/Twitter page on the portal to see what is going on in our social network.

There is more (including a cozy fireplace… I swear!!) to discover there as well so, if you have a few minutes and a little curiosity, go ahead and check out the portal and tell us what you think.

To access the portal, you can use the link provided above, or the link is always available from our main website menu (located at the top of this page) under the heading “Resources”.

Also, because it is completely customizable, if there is a topical page you would like to see, or resources you would like to suggest, just leave us a quick comment below.

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