Historic Images of Cranbury Now Available Online!

The library is excited to be able to present a new resource for accessing and viewing a collection of more than 300 images of Cranbury from the 19th and 20th centuries. Viewshare, a tool provided by the Library of Congress, allows cultural institutions to upload and provide access and information about digital collections and images online using easy to access tools and resources.

With the permission of the Cranbury History Center, we have uploaded and now provide access to these wonderful digital treasures spanning more than 150 years of the Township in photographs and postcards. The images can be searched online using this resource, as well as viewed as a list, gallery, or on a timeline.

It is our hope to continue to add images to this collection to be able to share with everyone. Besides working the Cranbury History Center to obtain images (and descriptions) we would love to have you, our patrons and friends, share your images and memories with us and the rest of your friends and neighbors.

If you have images of Cranbury throughout the years (any years!) that you are willing to share and would like to add to this growing collection, please feel free to contact us at the library in person, by phone or by email. If the images you have are not digital don’t worry, we have the equipment and resources to scan those images.

You can access this new resources by using the link below, or anytime by visiting our website, clicking on RESOURCES at the top of the webpage, and selecting “Historic Image Collection” from the drop-down menu


UPDATE : It appears there is a minor issue with this website loading in Internet Explorer. It seems to work fine in other browsers, but in IE, you will receive 3-4 “timeout” pop-ups. If using IE, you can either switch browsers, or just click through the pop ups and the page will eventually load. The pop-ups are minor loading errors and will in no way damage your computer if you click through them.


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