Information regarding 2013 State and Federal Tax Forms

The Library continues to wait to receive tax forms for federal returns. The forms are late in coming due to recent changes in the tax code effective at the end of 2012 / beginning of 2013.  Also be advised that many IRS tax forms and booklets, as well as ALL the NJ State forms and booklets, are not being provided to the library by the government agencies.

If you would like to obtain tax forms online to print out, you can use these links:

IRS tax forms:
NJ State tax forms:

If you need assistance printing these forms, staff at the library are here and ready to assist you!

You do still have the option of requesting printed forms and booklets be mailed to you.  You can call either the IRS or the NJ Division of Taxation and request the forms and booklets you need. Please note that NJ residents who filed paper tax returns in 2011 will be receiving paper copies of those forms in the mail from the NJ Division of Taxation. To request paper forms be mailed to you, use the following telephone numbers:

IRS Customer Service: 1-800-829-3676
NJ Division of Taxation Customer Service: 1-609-292-6400

Finally, while we unfortunately are unable to sponsor low-income senior income tax assistance as we have in the past, the following are local centers that are offering this service FREE of charge to local residents.

Plainsboro Public Library: 609-275-2897
Monroe Senior Center: 732-521-6111
South Brunswick Senior Center: 732-329-4000 x7670
East Brunwick Senior Center: 732-390-6896

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