Introducing the Cranbury Community Calendar Library is proud to announce the addition of a new community resource we hope will provide a clearinghouse for various public events here in Cranbury. Working with the Cranbury History Center and the Cranbury Women’s Club, we have jointly created an online community calendar where you can go and see the public events from various community groups and organizations.. in one place!!

We are hoping to invite and have more community organizations and eventually non-profits and other groups in town add their event information to the calendar so that anyone who is interested in open public events in town can visit this calendar and see whats happening.

To view this calendar, you can click the “Community Calendar” link at the top of this webpage. If you are a representative of a community group and would like to add your events to this calendar, please feel free to email me at and I will be more than happy to help get you set up and provide assistance in using the features of the calendar.

We hope this resource will be of great benefit to you, or patrons, as well as the community at large and are grateful for our current partnerships, and look forward to future ones.

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