March 2017

The Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report (KDRR) came across my Facebook feed this week and presented much interesting data. KDRR is a national survey of children, ages 6-17, and their parents. It explores attitudes and behaviors around books and reading. I found the section on “Reading Books for Fun” especially interesting. They found that: “Parents underestimate the degree to which children have trouble finding books they like. Only 29% of parents agree “my child has trouble finding books he/she likes,” whereas 41% of kids agree this is a challenge—this percentage of kids increases to 57% among infrequent readers vs. 26% of frequent readers.”

My response? Encourage children to ask their teachers and librarians for recommendations. Suggest they ask their siblings and friends for suggestions. Bring them to the public library where a whole world of reading awaits them. And, might I add, a great staff to help them find the perfect book!

Jan Murphy

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