Our new scanner and all it can do… for YOU!!

Hi everyone,

We (and by we I mean me) are excited that our new scanner has arrived and is ready for use at the library. Many of you over the past year have stopped by and visited to take advantage of our scanner service and we think that has been great. We were happy to be able to help you scan your pictures to post of Facebook, or your documents to email off to whomever, etc etc.

However, the scanner we had, which was kindly donated, was not compatible with our operating system upgrade from this summer so we decided since the service was so popular, lets upgrade that too! So we did, and at a really great costs and savings too which is awesome!

Our new scanner has a lot of great features we think you all will really like and enjoy the next time you come in to scan. To start, you can now create a single PDF document from multiple scanned pages to save to your flash drive or send off by email. It also has a much higher resolution threshold, which means we can get really high quality scans for your photos and pics to get them to look their best. If that’s not enough, it also has the ability to scan film and slides as well! That’s right, if you have any old film negatives or slides from those family vacations of old, you can now bring them to the library and breathe new digital life into them (and its great for access and preservation as well!).

Finally, your can also use our scanner to scan oversized materials now too! If you have a poster sized item, large maps, or art you can use our scanner to scan it part by part and have our special software put it together as a single digital image much like a quilt!

We are proud and excited at being able to upgrade this service to you, our patrons, and look forward to your visits to help with any and all of your scanning needs!

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