Access The New York Times Online — Now From Anywhere!

The Cranbury Public Library now offers free access to the NY Times online!

It’s available two ways:

  1. On site via the Cranbury Public Library’s WiFi. Just register or log in at the, while you’re physically within the library’s WiFi signal range (our WiFi signal is named “CranburyPublicLibary”).
  2. Via the New York Times link under ” Special Resources ” — to the right side on any page within this website (you might need to scroll down to see it). Clicking the link will give you access to a redeemable code. Redeeming the code will give you up to 3 days of unlimited access to the New York Times online, from anywhere with an Internet connection. No credit card is required to redeem your code. To activate your access, you’ll need to log in or register first ( Not applicable for existing digital or home delivery subscribers.

Official apps to access the NYTimes website will not work while you’re using the library’s WiFi; they will work when you’re trying to access elsewhere.


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