Celebrate Beth Anne Kafasis!

Below is our detailed media release regarding the 9/9/19 celebration at Town Hall — to honor and celebrate Beth Anne Kafasis’ 25 years of amazing service at the Cranbury Public Library.

“Tonight we are honoring Beth Anne Kafasis for twenty five years of service to the Cranbury Public Library.   She started working at the library on August 18, 1994 as a Library Assistant and is currently the Library’s Operations Administrator.   In that capacity she manages the library schedule, supervises the other Member Services Specialists, trains new employees, manages interlibrary loans and provides assistance to library users. She understands customer service and provides the very best to our library members.  She is the face of our library – greeting newcomers and regulars equally with a friendly smile and a “hello”.  She has worked under five different library directors and has seen many permutations of the library facility. 

When she began her career at the library there were no computers for either library staff or members to use.  The card catalog was the only way to search for books.  All library check-outs were hand written and filed on index cards.  Beth Anne not only knew the names of library users – she often knew their library card number as well. 

While the library was remodeled and expanded in 1996 – 1997, Beth Anne worked in cramped temporary quarters in what is now the Gourgand Gallery in Town Hall.  During this time she oversaw the transformation of the card catalog to an online system, as well as the use of computers to check out books and other items.   In February of 1998 the remodeling was complete and the library reopened with a fully automated library system. 

Beth Anne has seen the rise of the internet and the addition of computers for library patrons to use.  She mastered the use of computers as the main source of reference resources employed by librarians. She’s seen the addition of laptops, Wi-Fi, kindles, and tablets.  She’s moved from audio books on tape, to cds, to digital PlayAways.  At each stage of these transformations Beth Anne has learned new skills and stayed abreast of the vast changes in libraries.

In 2006 Beth Anne was given the Libraries of Middlesex Library Employee of the Year Award.  As former Director Howard Zogott wrote in her recommendation for the award, ‘ Beth Anne makes everyone who comes into the Cranbury Public Library feel important—from colleagues to library users of all ages.’ That was true thirteen years ago and is still true today.”

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