Coping and Being Loving During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Articles from a Local Psychologist

When I was outside on Thursday evening I saw my neighbor, Eileen Kennedy-Moore.  We kept the appropriate social distance as we talked about how we are coping with  the Coronavirus quarantine. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, is an author and clinical psychologist, based in Princeton.  She mentioned that she had written two articles about coping during this difficult time.  Being a caring and generous person she said she would email them with me to share with the community.  You’ll find the links here along with a link to her website.  Stay safe,  Marilynn Mullen
Coping With Worries About the Coronavirus
How to Love the Ones You’re With During Coronavirus
Marilynn G. Mullen
Cranbury Public Library
23 North Main Street
Cranbury, NJ  08512
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