From the Director’s Desk…

A lot happened mid-July.  As communicated on July 17, the Cranbury Public Library Board of Trustees was notified on July 15 by the Cranbury School Board of Education that the library must vacate the shared public/school library space by August 15. At this time the public library was also given permission to open the book drop and begin curbside service.  Since then my staff has been busy returning books, loaning others and packing materials. 

The Board of Trustees and I have been working to find a space for books and library services until our new stand-alone library is built. I wish I could announce the location but the Board is still finalizing the details. We look forward to September when recipients of grants through the NJ Library Construction Bond Act will be announced.

During this last month many library members have contacted us offering their support and asking how they can help.  We appreciate all your offers.  Here are four easy ways to help us through the next two weeks. 

  1. Return any books you don’t want for another month by August 7.
  2. Request five books through our curbside service this week. Keep the books for one month while the library changes locations.
  3. Show your support of the library by attending some the great online programs, story hours, and book clubs highlighted below.
  4. Continue to save McCaffrey’s receipts. (You may place them inside the books that you return to the book drop.)
  5. Visit the Cranbury Public Library website for the latest news on the move. I wish I could announce the location but the Board is still finalizing the details.

Thank you for caring and demonstrating how crucial the Cranbury Public library is to our community. We miss all our members and look forward to serving you in another location.

Marilynn Mullen

Important Notice:

Just before and after our move the library will need to suspend book returns and new loans. 

  • On August 7 is the last date to return books in the book drop.
  • August 10 is the last date for curbside service.

Both of these services will be suspended until further notice.

Keep in mind we will still be offering online events.


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