Lennon – Life, Legend and Legacy

Thursday, October 1st @ 7 PM

A Presentation by Paul Groom

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John Lennon would have celebrated his 80th birthday on October 9th 2020. 

The 40th anniversary of his murder will be on December 8th 2020.

John Lennon, songwriter, singer, Beatle, Peace activist, Rock and Roller, writer, cartoonist, wit and many other positive things besides. However, he was also abrasive, insecure, emotionally needy, uncertain of who he was, over-relied on drugs and alcohol at certain times of his life, was cruel and unkind to those he loved and who loved him. So, who was the real John Lennon and what were his lasting contributions?

The talk will deal with:

  • Lennon’s dysfunctional family, his upbringing in suburban Liverpool and his early musical influences. It will recount his meeting with Paul McCartney, the death of his mother and the development of his own group, the Quarrymen.  His lack of success at both High School and Art College meant that he had no option but to dedicate himself to music.
  • Lennon’s contribution to the Beatles evolution during their early trips to Scotland and Hamburg, his relationship with Brian Epstein, the recording contract and their first # 1, “Please, Please Me” will be highlighted.
  • Beatles successes due to Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership and the Beatles recording team.
  • Unprecedented success and Beatlemania arrive, but John is the first to show signs of dissatisfaction.  Despite enormous personal successes as a singer, songwriter his life as a married, wealthy Beatle in London’s suburban stock-broker belt provokes his displeasure and resentment. Touring with the Beatles becomes tedious for all of them. In the recording studio Lennon hits new heights with “A Day in The Life”, “Strawberry Fields Forever” and many others.
  • Brian Epstein dies and the Beatles take over the management of Apple by themselves with disastrous results. Business, and moves in different artistic and musical directions cause relations between the Beatles to sour. Lennon separates from his wife and becomes involved with the artist Yoko Ono.
  • Lennon, with much ambivalence, decided that he would terminate the Beatles and was furious when Paul McCartney was the first to announce that he was leaving. After all, the Beatles were John’s group!
  • At first Lennon seemed the most prepared for the disbanding of the Beatles with his “Plastic Ono Band” (with whom he made a memorable album) and eccentric ways of demonstrating his peace activism. He also records “Imagine”. However, his world is overtaken by drink and other abuses and Yoko Ono “throws him out” (Lennon’s words). He spends 18 months leading an unrestrained, wild life, largely in Los Angeles, until he manages to regain self-control.
  • Lennon settles down with Yoko Ono to a life of domestic simplicity at the Dakota Building once his son Sean is born.
  • Lennon senselessly murdered in NYC.
  • After 40 years without John Lennon what do we miss the most, what were his lasting contributions and how will he be remembered.


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