May 11, 2020 – Update from Mayor Scott – COVID 19

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

I hope that you are maintaining your safety and sanity as Covid-19 induced social distancing and partial shutdown continues.

Here are a few items I would like to update everyone on.

Memorial Day is right around the corner.  As part of our special celebration this year, Cranbury Lions Club is sponsoring a Memorial Day Contest for students in grades K-8 to help the Cranbury Community commemorate our heroes. Help us celebrate our heroes of yesteryear and today for their great courage. Ask your children to spend some time understanding Memorial Day and Veterans Day and transforming their knowledge into a poster or essay. 21 contestants will be awarded a prize, and submissions will be featured on the Cranbury Lions web site. Please submit entries to by May 20th.  Use link below to view the flyer for more details on Cranbury Lions Memorial Day 2020.…

More to come about additional aspects of our Memorial Day celebration in my next update.

To support our local restaurants, please consider placing a takeout order this Tuesday as part of a local Takeout Tuesday effort!  Remember many of our restaurants are open and welcome your business.  Please use the Citiesense map that was created by our township committeewoman Barbara Rogers. Here is the link:…

Please note if you are a owner of a business, and or if you know of a business that is not on the map, or has information that needs updating please contact Barbara at:

To those residents who have had the misfortune of needing to either cut your own hair or have a brave family member cut it, I don’t yet have any good news to offer. But for those 4-legged Cranburian’s in need of a trim, shave or brush out I have great news! Our two dog groomers are now open and ready for business. Please again check our interactive town business map for details.

I have received a few questions about our Spring Clean Up Weekend. Yes, we are still planning on having it, but we have moved it tentatively to the weekend of June 27th -28th.

Please, I ask that everyone, if possible, please try to attend our virtual township committee meetings. Our next meeting is today, Monday, May 11th, at 07:00 PM. Everyone can virtually attend. Meeting agenda and instructions on how to log in to attend are here:…

As hopefully everyone is aware, the state last week opened up all county and state parks. Our town parks likewise remain open, and tennis courts re-opened at Village Park.

If you feel the need to go a little further afield there are number of great hiking trails nearby. Please check out the link below for some ideas:…

For the many who are faced with unemployment, here is a link with important information about how NJ is handling unemployment insurance.  Many people who previously were not eligible for unemployment benefits are now; use this link to research eligibility.…

As we can see from the statewide numbers, the number of hospitalized and intubated patients is continuing to drop. It seems, for now at least, the acute phase of the emergency has passed. But let us not be fooled into thinking that the crisis is over. We must continue the smart practices that got us to this point of equilibrium, while slowly starting to consider areas where we can begin to normalize. As a father of three I know how hard it is on families to keep this up.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and have a great week –

Mayor Matt Scott

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