Online Meditation Program: Thursday Evenings!

This meditation session is for everyone – beginner or pro. The purpose of these meditations is to foster our sense of connection within and to others. We will practice some tools to regain our balance of mind and bodies. Research shows that practicing meditation as a skill can help to manage anxiety, stress, and worry. We will practice some skills in compassion and mindfulness meditation to help us cultivate our capacities of friendliness, strength, wisdom, calm, kindness and balance.

This program occurs on Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM.There will be 3 live sessions starting 6/25/2020 (see the event calendar to register and for the two other live dates). Other Thursday night sessions will be pre-recorded and available as links — new ones released on Thursday evenings (until the end of August) 

For live sessions. participants must register online by first clicking on the event link in our event calendar; then by clicking on the ” Register Now ” button. An email address must be submitted in order to receive a Zoom meeting invitation link to the program; you must also register by noon on the day of the program in order to receive an invite. The link will be sent to the email address given. Click on the invitation link at the start time of the program in order to join the meeting/program. The invitation link will be provided in an email. Invitation emails should be received hours before the program starts (please email if you have not received an invite within a few hours before the program start time). For those not familiar with using Zoom, here is a staff-made tutorial. Please email if you need help getting started with Zoom, and/or want to practice it with our Technology Specialist.

A little abut Anjali’s background (the program presenter), in her own words: ” The embodied qualities of balance which shows up in teacher could offer a powerful inspiration that one can feel. Learning from a teacher needs to be an experience of opening doors into your own inner capacities. Anjali is practicing meditation for over 5 years and is a certified meditation teacher. She has studied many kinds of meditation skills from different traditions. In these weekly meditation sessions she shares some of the techniques of meditations that are supported by research in psychology and science. Practicing meditation skills can be helpful as tools to regain our calm, balance and energy during current times. Also, the purpose of these meditation sessions is to foster the sense of connection within and to others.” 


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