Get a Library Card

While the library is closed to the public during the coronavirus pandemic Cranbury residents may request a library card by email.  To apply for a card, send an email with your name, address and phone number to  

Applications for a library card for young children and students (PreK-8) must be submitted by their parent or guardian. Please include your name, address, phone number and the name of your child as well as the child’s date of birth in the email.  

If you are employed in Cranbury you may also apply for a Cranbury Library card. Send an email with your name, home address, home phone number, and the name, address and phone number of your employer to

When your application has been processed and your card is ready to be picked up, we will notify you by email.

For the full details regarding borrowing privileges for the Cranbury Public Library read our Circulation Policy.


The Cranbury Public Library has over 30,000 books, newspapers, magazines, CDs, audio books, videos, electronic games and equipment available for the enjoyment of library users.

Borrowing Privileges (i.e., getting a Cranbury Public Library Card)

The following individuals are eligible for borrowing privileges:                             Adult and High School age residents of Cranbury who present current valid proof of residence.
 Pre-high school age residents of Cranbury whose parents’ present current valid proof of residence and take responsibility for the juvenile/child’s borrowing activities by signing the application for a card.
 Employees of Cranbury businesses who present current valid proof of employment and valid personal identification.
 Individuals who have a valid resident library cards issued by any library which has reciprocal borrowing privileges with the Cranbury Public Library and who present valid identification.

Cranbury resident cards are valid for 2 years. Complimentary cards, issued to employees of Cranbury businesses are valid for 1 year. There is no fee for the initial library card and only one card/keytag set is permitted per person. Individuals who are not residents of Cranbury may purchase a paid membership card for a $25 yearly fee. Holders of paid membership cards have all the privileges of regular Cranbury cardholders. They may borrow, reserve materials, and request interlibrary loans.

Library Card Renewals

Cranbury Public Library cards may be renewed by presenting valid identification and valid current proof of resident, taxpayer, or employee status. Payment of the annual $25 fee is required to renew a paid membership.

Replacement of Lost/Damaged /Stolen Library Cards

Lost or stolen library cards should be reported to the Cranbury Public Library immediately. Cardholders are liable for materials charged out at the Cranbury Public Library and at libraries that have reciprocal borrowing privileges with the Cranbury Public Library from the time the card is lost to the time the loss is reported to the Cranbury Public Library. No fee is charged for the first card replaced. The cost of a second replacement is $2 and the cost of subsequent replacements is incremented by $1 per replacement to a maximum of $5.


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