Storytimes Online

Storytimes (with Laura)

Looking For Smile
Mr. Goat’s Valentine
Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator!
Max the Brave
The Best Kind of Bear
Veggies with Wedgies
Roy Digs Dirt
I’m Not Cute!
Nanette’s Baguette
The Beach is Loud!
Follow Me, Flo!
Friday Night Wrestlefest
The Pumpkin Smasher
Bone Soup
Tip Tip Dig Dig
Dragon Was Terrible
The Epic Adventures of Huggie and Stick
Chu’s First Day of School
Horton Hatches the Egg
Everyone’s Awake
A Pet for Petunia
Chicken Big
Bob, Not Bob
Bad Dog
The Cool Bean
No More Naps!
I’m Brave! I’m Strong! I’m Five!
Magnificent Homespun Brown
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
One Hundred Bones
Dog Loves Drawing
Egad Alligator!
Going Places
Diary of a Worm
Llama Destroys the World   
It’s Okay to Be Different 
Poles Apart
Poles Apart
Also an Octopus 
Dirty Girt
Be a Star, Wonder Woman!
Can I Tell You a Secret?
I Love My Tutu Too!
Who Stole the Hazelnuts?
Be Quiet, Mike!
The New Girl… and Me
Gustavo, the Shy Ghost
Frog Boots
The Gruffalo
I’m Not a Pig in Underpants
Santa Duck
Big Snow Wednesday
Square Cat Wednesday
One Day in the Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Tree
Turkey Trouble
Odd Dog Out
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
Monster Needs a Costume
Child of the Universe
Harold and the Purple Crayon
Dragons Love Tacos
Count the Monkeys!
I Will Chomp You!

Storytimes (with Desiree)

Rabbit Ears
Fourth of July Mice!
Franklin’s Big Dreams
Move Over, Rover!
Let’s Go to the Hardware Store
Three Silly Billies
High Tide For Horseshoe Crabs
Fix the Clock
Summer Color!
Grimelda The Very Messy Witch 
Curious George
Green Eggs and Ham
Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth    
Some Bugs 
Five Fuzzy Chicks



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